Who are we?


We’re international
We have over 30 different nationalities working within the company from all corners of the globe. We celebrate the diversity of cultures within our team and relish the chance it gives us to learn from one another. You won’t find many workplaces more multicultural than ours! 

We’re entrepreneurial
We value entrepreneurial thinking and original ideas, and we’re constantly finding ways to do more with less. We entrust our employees with greater responsibility pretty quickly when they show these qualities, giving them the opportunity to  fast-track their careers at lightning pace. 

We’re smart
Making decisions on a whim isn't our style. We think in sequences, take all factors into consideration, and use data to guide us towards the best possible outcome.  

We’re passionate
We exist to grow, inspire, and achieve. Our mission is to help people see and be healthy, regardless of their budget, and to do so, we need to give our all in everything that we do. 

We’re collaborative
There may be physical distance between us, but we’re a tight-knit team that works closely together. We support each other, and our communication lines are always open and active.

We care
Our mission goes beyond just selling eyewear. We care for people and the planet, and through our many initiatives, we do our part to make the future look brighter.